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Two those who lost touch over time and have found each other. Om is playing a prince who had to flee his own country and also is mum and embraced sister Marnfah (Chat)–his father has been overthrown by his own uncle. They’d no choice except to leave Thailand with their mother country where they were split into face their destinies.
As the story progresses, our warrior has to decide if he would like to combine with the rebel powers to reestablish his throne and honor OR be meet with being the passion of his life by his side and also to offer him aid for the remainder of his life. I believe he could get both. It’s a story of romance and war, you guys in?
Om climbs up beneath the support of a Hong Kong businessman and he becomes a successful businessman himself. Marnfah has been sent to live with a living in northern Thailand. Her name has been shifted from Marnfah. At the time, she has just graduated from a school in the United States and it has chose to stop by a friend in Hong Kong. This is really where she will fulfill her long lost prince. As for him, he knows exactly who she knows, her total heritage that she is Marnfah–the lady he was keeping a watchful eye on out from concern. They meet again.