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Stanny and Joe are just two likable losers who are unfortunate in love, but lucky with sexual activity. Georgia and summer are just two girls who make a deal to swear off dating to focus on their careers and keep things sexual. One girl starts dating another girl to stop from falling in love, while Georgia starts having sex knowing she could never fall because of him. To everyones surprise, real feelings appear, causing the frustration and play everyone else tried to avoid. The series handles the entanglements of love and sex. Over the span of the set, we follow the lives of five people, two guys who’re close friends, two women who’re close friends, and their aggressive lesbian friend, as their friendships and connections are analyzed by the ups and downs of love and life. It’s a dramedy, mixed with both the humor that is our own lives. This is a spin off of the hit indie film of the same name, directed by Spirit Award winner Joel Viertel, also written and starring Stevie Long.