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The way the States Got Their Shapes is a tv series that airs on the History channel. It is hosted by Brian Unger and is based on Mark Stein’s publication, The Way the States obtained Their Shapes. The series deals with how the many countries of the United States established their boundaries, but also delves into other elements of all U.S. history, for example failed states, proposed new countries, and also the local culture and nature of various U.S. states. It thus relates to the “contours” of the countries within a metaphorical sense together with a literal awareness.

Each episode has a particular theme, like the way the landscapelanguage or language, or natural resources contributed to the boundaries and temperament of various U.S. states. The series format follows Unger because he moves to various locations, along with interviews local men and women, visits major cultural and historical sites, and provides comment from behind the wheel of his car because he drives from location to location. Interspersed with these segments are brief ancient synopses by prominent U.S. historians.

The series started as one two-hour special which first aired in April 2010, but came back as a normal set of one-hour shows launching in May 2011. Season two established in the fall of 2012 on H 2, using a slightly more reality-oriented format, and episodes shortened to around 30 minutes. The series now airs Saturdays on H 2, with encore showings on Friday night in the History channel.