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Jao Sua Leng, the generation dragon heir to Mongkorn Waree, the owner of a transport and shipping company who has been awarded the name Mongkorn Waree of this ocean. He ordered to present his job that cost more than a thousand without hearing this hindsight Lao Ngow, from his left hand, a friend of his dad who helped build his family destiny. By sending Duangkae to be Jao Sua ’ s lover so that she could spy for him lao Ngow was envious and wished to get rid of Jao Sua Leng. Throughout the feast friends of hit men invaded and taken lots of folks there deceased containing Jao Sua’s wife and his kid (s). Jao Sua narrowly escaped death with the aid of Praosaeng, a waitress there. She looked after him and the 2 felt leading in her pregnancy. The hitmen swept up with the 2, in anxiety about child ’ and his wifes safety Jao Sua ordered to allow them to escape before him. He vowed another to get them after the bad guys are dealt with by him and depended the family treasure, a red dragon jade. But Praosaeng wasn’t able to escape the hit men who came she was captured and dropped into the drinking water. Jao Sua managed to escape this time to death because of Duangkae, his mistress who was included against the cops to save him. Lao Ngow has been sentenced to life in prison and has been served with the allegation of attempting to assassinate Jao Sua. Daungkae backstabbed Lao Ngow because she wanted Manop, her boy that is 5 yrs of age with him to become the Jao Sua’s destiny that Manop is perhaps not Jao Sua’s son that is real.