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His Holistic Detective Agency operates based on the “fundamental interconnectedness of all things”, which is based to uncover connections between cases. He asserts that he follows the fundamentals of quantum mechanics, and he regularly produces unexpected results, although the vast majority of his clients suspect he could be a conman. With the help of the assistant, Richard MacDuff, Dirk investigates a number of circumstances.
An hour-long pilot episode loosely centered on plot elements in Adams’ 1987 novel Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency was broadcast on BBC Four on 16 December 2010 and had been watched by 1.1 million viewers. Reception was favourable. A full series of three episodes was then commissioned in March 2011 and was broadcast on BBC Four in March 2012. The series was the first drama series produced for the digital channel.
Dirk Gently is a British comedy detective drama TV series. The collection was created by Howard Overman and celebrities Stephen Mangan as holistic detective Dirk Gently and Darren Boyd as his sidekick Richard MacDuff. Recurring actors comprise Helen Baxendale like MacDuff’s Lady Jason Watkins as Dirk ’, Susan Harmisons nemesis DI Gilks and Lisa Jackson as Dirk’s receptionist Janice Pearce. Unlike many detective string Dirk Gradually features broadly comic touches and even some science fiction themes like time travel and artificial intelligence.