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The show format is just a open discussion for people in the entertainment area. The idea originated out of some period after he moved out to dinner together with coworkers on a picture position and Enhance filming anecdotes. Favreau said, “I presumed it’d really be interesting to show people that side of their firm”. He did not need to exhibit them in a way [that] that they’r e presented from the media, however as people”. The format featured 4 guests and Favreau from the entertainment industry in a restaurant with no other diners. They arranged food from menus that were real which so were served by waiters that were real. There were no cue cards or previous research on the participants that will have allowed him to orchestrate the dialog and the guests were permitted to chat about anything they wanted. The show used five cameras with all the operators using long lenses so that they are at least ten feet away from the table and not intrude on the dialog or make the guests shy. The conversations lasted before the film ran out. A 25-minutes episode could be edited from the dinner.

Dinner for Five is now a tv program in which also a revolving guest list of actors and actor/filmmaker Jon Favreau eat, drink and chat about life on and off around projects. This program seats screen legends in television, film, music and comedy next to a variety of personalities, leading to a. The Producer with Peter Billingsley aired on the Independent Film Channel using Favreau.