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Bernstein announced on February 20, 2007, that he would be leaving the annals Channel and Digging for the Truth, and might, at the time of April, join The Discovery Channel being an executive producer and host of a fresh series and specials. Hunter Ellis, host of Tactical to Practical and Man, Moment, Machine for The History Channel, subsequently substituted Josh Bernstein as host.

Digging for the Truth Has Been a History Channel television series. The very first 3 seasons of this series focused on sponsor Josh Bernstein, who stumbled on various explorations of puzzles and icons. Bernstein is the president and CEO of BOSS and includes a degree in anthropology and psychology from Cornell University. The series airs every Monday night at 9:00 EST in the History Channel. The show premiered in January, 2005 and has turned into the highest-rated show in the annals given “ Time Titans ” from the generation team to the series never made it past the pilot. The next year proved on January 22, 2007.