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Petch, Ploy, also Taptim hurt Namneung emotionally and emotionally. Potchanee (Rotjana’s sister) could be the only person who sympathizes for Namneung because she knows that Petch and Rotjana don’t possess a real husband & and wife relationship, however she cannot tell Namneung because Ploy is her own benefactor.

Ploy brings Rotjana home and informs her that Rotjana is Petch ’ s wife one afternoon. Namneung is shocked and sad to know that this. Petch informs her that Kriengsak (Namneung’s father) had raped Ploy. Her father wanted to hide his error so he drove his car to hit on Ploy and disabled her. He states Daranee (Namneung’s mother) hired a guy to strike Ploy. Petch says Namneung has never been loved by him. He’s been doing everything merely to convince her that he loves her. He wants revenge for exactly what her parents has been doing for his own sister, but on account of the love that Namneung needs because of him with her family, it gives her the patience to keep out there and not return to Bangkok.
Petch is very sorry that Namneung had hurt when the truth is revealed.

Nuan is content to know that Petch is her biological son, but she is shocked to know that Ploy is Taptim’s daughter. Nuan knows the truth that Ploy wanted to function as Kriengsak’s wife, because he’s a family person, however, he rejected her. So that she intentionally walked into an vehicle and that the accident disabled 17, ploy was very angry. Ploy Place the attribute on Kreingsak along with Daranee. Her lies caused Petch and Taptim to misunderstand the situation and induces Namneung to be.

A guy takes revenge with respect to the sister that is handicapped by seducing the sole daughter of the guy who injured his own sister.
They get married and Petch takes Numnueng to his house, despite the fact that Numneung ’ s parents don ’ t agree. They seem antisocial and cold for her Ploy. Ploy looks as if she hates Namneung that they match. Namneung tries not to pay attention to it because she feels bad for her since Ploy is disabled (helpless).
Petch is a engineer that Namneung falls deeply in love with ever since she had been in high school. Phak (Namneung’s friend) is very miserable because he secretly loves her and does not pay attention to other ladies, however Alice loves him.