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Tien has increased being a boy all her life as her dad swapped her with her adopted parents son. LSo even her adopted brother doesn’t understand she’s just a girl until now. Her grandpa wanted a boy to hold the last name as Patson( her father’s brother) could’t have kiddies. So his father swapped her with a care taker son from his mansion in Hua hin. The mother is dead and so is Patson so now her dad wishes to locate her B C he doesn’t desire the adopted boy to inherit the income. Today Tien meet Rome afterwards he safed her and take her into his house and yet didn’t know that she’s obviously agirl when he discovered that she is a lady, she change herself from the boy into a girl so Rome makes her liven upward as girl and behave like girl. He also knows that she is the true heiress of Patson family luck.