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Matsaya was raised with 3 friends. There’s also Chanon (Aphinan Prasoetwatthanakun) who is a leader of their own group. Matsaya was sent to function as god kid of an English family while these were still young and Aira had been shipped to function as god kid with all Russia’s foreign ministry.

Thayu (Sunthisook Promsiri) works for and is a close friend of Bpatawee (Thun Hirasa). Bpatawee ordered to kill him, but he lived. When Bpatawee was intending to have his first child, he waited patiently for a shot at revenge. He kidnapped the infant girl and travelled. The hospital was fearful of revealing the facts so they really took a farmer’s baby and used her in host to the actual girl, which he thought she was of President Bpatawee.
Matsaya went by herself to attempt to kill Thayu but was seized by him as a hostage as an alternative. He asked to use place to be traded by himself with his daughter. Singha and the police intended an attack on Sa Ming Sa along with Aira, Natmon, and Khemika who turned to help their buddy. Singha and Matsaya were then able to defeat Thayu and Chanon. Matsaya nearly died from her injuries but has been able to pull through. The 4 friends were more happy to be as good citizens since they helped out the police. The love of Matsaya and also Singha went Together with Narathip and Aira.
Bpatawee received a letter had been changed. He imputed Singha and inquire into and Narathip, who is his child, to visit the truth. Naethiya seek out the facts himself isn’t his daughter and overheard. She never told anybody this. Singha traveled to meet with with the man who’s Naethiya’s real father, together with Naethiya after him. He captured her, but she begged him not to share with that man as she can’t accept a normal person because her 28, she has his daughter.

Narathip ask Aira to develop to a person that is good and provide information on Sa Ming Sa into the authorities. She couldn’t promise anything as she intended on getting revenge although Aira went along to look for advice. Aira told Singha this causing him to be concern. She did not accept and was although he confessed he was in love with Matsaya determine to kill Thayu. Singha told Bpatawee Matsaya was his true girl. What Naethiya found out, she intended on removing her. She informed his people and the commanding officer in order that they can arrange for an arrest. But, Singha spared her causing her to turn out to be thankful and impressed .
Matsaya received orders to assassinate President Bpathawee during the fashion series of Naethiya. But she failed when Singha covered Bpatawee and chose the bullets. Both fought until Matsaya was nearly revealed when Aira arrived and helped her. She tried to kill Singha and was mad at him times but failed. All the time Singha started to show interest in her without knowing she for.
Narathip bumped in to Aira and immediately enjoyed her and begin to chase her. There has been to be a welcoming party for Russia’s Minister. Matsaya, Khemika and Natmon masked to perform a show. Aira was usually the one place to bring in and prepare the weapons. Matsaya tried to shoot at Bpatawee but failed again if there is an opening. Tight security has been put up by the authorities . Matsaya was shot by Singha.
Narathip started visiting Aira causing Matsaya to be met with by Singha. Singha realized Matsaya dislike him, which he doesn’t understand 16, if they are close. Matsaya discovered and demonstrated that she wished to kill him although he started to trace her. Every thing started to come together for Singha and also he knows she’s a part of Aira as well as Sa Ming Sa.
Singha was suspicious of Aira that she would be have something related to this terrorism. Narathip subsequently volunteered to find out the reality from Aira herself. Matsaya got assistance, after being shot. Matsaya would send over her painting to promote. Rungrawi knows Matsaya can be a portion of this Organization because she use to be one of them. She abandoned desiring a normal life for himself although she even use to function as the enthusiast of the leader.
Matsaya started to also secure suspicious of the order of Tayu to kill Bpathwee. She started to inquire and found out she the daughter of Bpathwee. She was shocked and couldn’t believe Tayu tried to convince her to kill her daddy when she adored and respected Thayu for example her own father and had kidnapped her.

For not succeeding in killing Bpatawee Thayu berated Matsaya. All her friends felt bad because of her so they really asked to help her in killing Thayu although Bpatawee denied to let these help. This caused the others to find suspicious and wonder why he wanted just Matsaya to do it.

While Matsaya was raised for a theif, Naethiya (your ex she was changed with) was raised like a princess and also has a sister name Nirada. Since both fell for the very same guy, the two sisters does get along. Chief Investigator Singha (Theeradeth Wongpuapan), who is the head of security for their father. There his helper and Captain Tawee, who is a rival together with Singha.
However, the situation hasn’t gone away. Apparently Thayu and have recovered and Chanon are still alive. Now kill and they intend to reunite the 4 girls. Who’s going to stay and who is going to really go. How will the pair fare against this danger, just watch Rahut Torrachon…
Thayu raised the baby and called her Matsaya (Araya A. Harget). He instructed her how to be a thief and trained her how to fight a variety of styles. He cried for the time she would return to kill her own father. A company was put up by him and eventually became leader of Sa Ming Sa. He shot in and raised orphans, teaching them how to rob and plunder for the company.