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China, IL — Illinois ”, significance “ China — is an animated tv series for the cable network Adult Swim. The series is created by Brad Neely, also features Neely’s existing personalities by the China, IL web-series and special. Characters include Frank and Steve Smith, aka “Mark and ” “ Baby ” Cakes, The Professor Brothers. Neely supplies the voice for all 3 personalities. The series is produced by Williams Street and animated by Titmouse, Inc.. China, IL was revived with the possibility of a new half-hour runtime.

On May 25, 2008, The Funeral, an special which was streamed on the currently defunct Super De Luxe website was run by Mature Swim. Baby Cakes webseries and the combined Brad Neely ’ s Professor Brothers, that were streamed at super-deluxe, also established that a environment. Brad Neely ’ s videos, in addition to the special, could be looked at at Neely’s YouTube webpage.