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Chart fell sick that her Pa is the uncle of Krao. Arnus accepted to function as Chart’s caretaker that went Krao’s plan. By seeking Lalita and Orncha, Krao then continued on with his scheme , every-woman of this Vichawayt would be under his wrath.

The situation got worst to the Vichawayt when debt collectors came after their family home, if they did not pay up their house will get capture. The household was helped by krao by giving them 20 million baht to borrow but since the amount of money was his that the house became his property.
Once she and her husband kissed she strove to seduce Krao Lalita have feeling for Krao however he got mad with her. He found her repulsive. He scolded her and asked her if she still remember Chewit or perhaps not, the guy who got his heartbroken by her and committed suicide. Chewit was Krao’s younger brother, so everything Krao didn’t Lalita was outside of revenge not love. Krao told Lalita that she is nothing to him but a inexpensive woman. Lalita and furious took a gun to shoot for him as an alternative landing her at a crucial condition in the 31, Krao however, Nus took the bullet out.

Asit got giving Krao the chance. Krao had a affair with Lalita and the 2 were seem by Chaithong who brought the news. The conduct of both the 2 loathed Krao and disappointed arnus.

Afterward, the Vichawayt’s contruction company is going to be hired with a millionaire magnate called Krao Supagan who offered a contract to build a grand hotel costing hundreds millions bahts to the company. Arnus fulfilled with Krao who went along to pick up Wik at the airport for the very first time and came straight back with her friend, Gonwik to Thailand. It was not surprising that Nus and Krao were to meet one another often at the house of Wik because Wik and Krao possess feeling for one another. (Krao is obviously Wik’s distance comparative whom she’s secretly in love with. She called him Uncle Krao.) Krao was seen by Nus a man, being an enigma but she missed him if he is not. For if he offered her marriage Nus refused and declared she’s not ready yet, Nus’s feeling for Chaithong, her boy friend shifted.
Krao gave a 1 year contract in the marriage before they can divorce her to Nus, a promise he made to his uncle that he knew he needed to wed her. With his plan Krao went on their wedding night and also requested Nus to be his wife. In addition, he told her his reason for doing so — he revealed because her dad mistreated his mom that the Vichawayt family penalizing this all. Nus’s dad requested a lady despite knowing that she has a young child and husband along with that husband was none aside from his old friend, the guy that helped him with his enterprise to grapple. His mum had been hurt — being inundated with pity she’s committed suicide.

As for Orncha, Krao and she brought her stuffs and flirted. He informed her to break up her fan, with Pharop. Orn believed him and split up with her boy friend. Once Arnus heard bout the break up she told his involvements to discontinue with sister in law along with her husband. Her marriage was offered by Krao as a way which she consented because she felt so sorry and also wished to help. Both Lalita and upset and Orncha were both sadden with this information. Orn and Pharop quietly married over Krao as a consequence of her grief. As Wik, she was very hurt with her very best friend’s wedding to Krao that she moved to reside with her loved ones in America for.
Times passed by, Orn gave birth to her first child Asit went to obtain work experience, Lalita was sentenced to prison time for her offense, and Anus made a full recovery from being taken. Krao told Arnus on her, the truth was that he would love the angel termed Arnus.

The Vichawayt were also a wealthy family. They so are owners of a large corporation and have a large house but the three kids were abandoned to confront this crucial twist of faith within their 41, once their parents expired using a car accident. Asit, the brother of their family along with also his spouse, Lalita took over the family’s construction industry. Orncha, the sister cared for all in your family. Arnus, the sister studied at England but because of the changes within her financial state Nus needs to obtain a benefactor aid was received by her from Pa. Chart felt a familiar experience of Nus who reminded him. She was called Nus.