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Ken Cunningham directed by Larry Jacobs with article directing season two and produced by Genna Du Plessis, also Audrey Velichka.
Season one produced by Christine Davis and has been directed by Ken Cunningham. Animation for season one has been created by Heli Digital inc.. Season one has been the winner of this 2009 CFTPA award for childrennominated for its 2009 Pulcinella award about the Bay ”, and so program.
Busytown Mysteries, also Called Hurray for Huckle! , is really a animated television series created by Cookie Jar Entertainment. The series airs as part of this Cookie Jar TV block on CBS in Canada within this Kiddies ’ CBC block and in the United States. Both season one and season are available for viewing during Netflix streaming on demand. It educates the scientific method through stories by by examining evidence, which puzzles are solved by Huckle Cat and will take place in Richard Scarry ’ so called Busytown.