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The narrative occurs in a unnamed metropolis, a month after a column of light appeared at the nighttime skies and five years following a string of serial killings. Boogiepop Phantom follows an ensemble cast of characters, mostly high school students, that are witnesses to the incident and its impacts. At the right time of this series, high school students have begun to evaporate and the attribute is placed on Boogiepop, an urban legend that is supposedly the personification of Death.
Each episode focuses around various personalities that sometimes have a quick participation from the major events of the set. For this reason, many scenes have been noticed from different perspectives, even though there’s just a time progression that was slow and some incidents are out of order. For all but the last episode, there can be a substantially color palette used with a vignette effect, an odd style is utilized. The design features many genres to electronic from Gregorian, and some noises that look unique to the show. Throughout the type of this collection, the personalities have been utilised to produce this series’ fundamental themes: Relationships, Escapism, memory, and Change.

Boogiepop Phantom can be an tv series produced by Madhouse Studios, based around the Boogiepop light publication series by Kouhei Kadono, specially the of Boogiepop and others as well as Boogiepop At Dawn. The series is led by Takashi Watanabe, using character designs by publication illustrator Kouji Ogata, and leadership by Yota Tsuruoka, from the screenplay by Sadayuki Murai.