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This is a lakorn with love and revenge. The series starts off using Kin (played with do me), the President of KTK Corporation devoting his long time girlfriend of seven years. The bride, on the wedding night, Ganok left their home that was bridal to go recover a wedding gift that she’d forgotten at her resident because of her married husband. Tawan (played with Janie) had simply left the airport after figuring out that her fiancé was dating another woman for a couple of years and is now breaking off their engagement. They have been currently expecting their first child. Tawan walked home while a car driven by Ganok struck crossing the street and from the rain. Tawan was hospitalized. Ganok was later declared death. Kin was ruined that he had simply lost the love of his lifetime not through the night. Kin demanded to know who that man was that caused his wife’s car crash. He went to Tawan’s hospital room and read the name. That name guaranteed Ganok that he’ll seek revenge for her and is permanently embedded inside his brain. And the story continues on….