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The show includes extracts from interviews with various academic luminaries including Colin McGinn, Richard Dawkins, Steve Weinberg, Arthur Miller, Denys Turner, Pascal Boyer and Daniel Dennett. The series contains quotations from the works of atheists, agnostics and deists, all read by Bernard Hill.

”The Final Hour”

The show consists of three 60-minute episodes:
A collection of six programs that were supplementary was made from material that failed to fit into the program.
”Noughts and Crosses”

Atheism: A Rough History of Disbelief — Called from the United States of America as a Short History of Disbelief — Is Now a 2004 television documentary series written and presented by Jonathan Miller for the BBC and tracing the history of atheism. It was repeated on BBC Two and was first shown on BBC Four. It was initially shown from the U.S. on PBS at 2007.