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“Tokumei Gakari” that’s the wood pole in Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department called the graveyard of the human resources. Ukyo Sugishita police inspector who fell out of this trajectory because of a strange personality though he’s career and exemplary brain belongs to Tokumei Gakari. An honest person ’ so called, a hotblooded person is relegated to Tokumei Gakari. Kaoru and also Ukyo that turned into someone solve the crash case. (before the summer season 7 episode 9) but Kaoru resigned out of a detective at the summer 7. Though Ukyo was single for some time, Takeru Kanbe sent by the instruction of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department direction, will succeed the partner position instead of Kaoru.


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Aibou season 1 Complete Events Listing & downloading Selections Episode Guide Episode 1 Episode 1 atmosphere daytime: 2002-10-09 “Tokumei Gakari” this is the lifeless wood pole in Tokyo Metropolitan …